Recent Before & After Photos

Wetumpka Water Damaged Basement

Bad timing of a broken water line in this Wetumpka basement occurred during a remodeling of this large area. The scattered debris, pooling water on the concrete... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Prattville Laundry Room

Mold damage occurred at this Prattville home when the water supply line in the laundry room leaked water into the walls next to the washer and dryer. The mold p... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage - Prattville

Commercial water damage occurred at this Prattville municipal facility when a toilet supply line broke in a bathroom above this floor. Nearly half of the first ... READ MORE

Finished Attic Sustains Heavy Fire Damage in Wetumpka

The homeowners were very unhappy with the shoddy workmanship that led to an electrical fire in their newly converted Wetumpka attic. But they were very happy wi... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Prattville Commercial Building

Storm damage at this Prattville commercial facility was caused by thunderstorms which packed powerful winds and heavy rain. A part of the roof of the building w... READ MORE

Water Damage – Prattville House

Water damage resulted when a pipe burst between walls at this Prattville house.The before photo shows the section of wallboard we had to remove to facilitate re... READ MORE

Mold Problems in a Prattville Attic

The water damage to this Prattville home was compounded by an extensive mold infestation within the attic crawl space. We had to remove a large section of destr... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage – Prattville Office Building

Commercial water damage was suffered by this Prattville office building when the sprinkler system on this floor malfunctioned. The building management helped pr... READ MORE

Eclectic Fire and Smoke Damage

The fire in the attic actually started from a shorted wire in a ceiling fan. The fire damaged the shingles on the roof and burnt some rafters and blew out some ... READ MORE

Wetumpka Storm Damage to a Home

The rainwater did not drain properly away from the foundation of this Wetumpka property. The resulting water gained entry, ironically through the side door, and... READ MORE