Recent Before & After Photos

Stormwater Dumps Debris in Prattville

The visible mud and debris caused by the floodwaters that entered this Prattville basement need professional restoration. Why? Simply cleaning up the mess is no... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Wetumpka Kitchen

Fire damage struck this Wetumpka kitchen when a pressure cooker exploded, and some grease caught on fire. The resulting damage was primarily soot and smoke rela... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Prattville Garage

Mold damage developed at this Prattville garage when the flat roof developed a leak allowing water to seep down onto the sheathing and roof joists. The mold inf... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage – Prattville Office Building

Commercial water damage was suffered by this Prattville office building when the sprinkler system on this floor malfunctioned. The building management helped pr... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Elmore Bathroom

Mold Damage got a firm foothold on this Elmore Home when the occupants were away on vacation. Mold infestation had engulfed the entire area behind the walls and... READ MORE

Water Damaged Basketball Court in Prattville

Water Damage to this Prattville basketball gym was pretty ugly. A sewer pipe in an adjacent restroom had cracked open and dumped this dirty water into the gymna... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Prattville House

Fire damage engulfed the 2nd floor of this Prattville home. The insurance adjusters and family feared it was a total loss. We were called for a professional ass... READ MORE

Commercial Mold Remediation in a Prattville

The slow leaks on the flat roof lead to sufficient moisture accumulation in the ceiling void to create a mold infestation. The SERVPRO team, after assessing the... READ MORE

Flood Damage – Lake Martin Home’s Bedroom

Flood damage to this Lake Martin home resulted when persistent storm activity that contained high winds tore a portion of roofing from this home allowing mass q... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Prattville Salon

Flood damage to this salon in Prattville temporarily put the shopkeeper out of business. The owner made two quick calls. The first to his insurance company and ... READ MORE