Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Water Damage – Prattville Home

Water damage occurred at this Prattville home when a water supply line carrying potable water in the subfloor of the second story of the home. The pipe develope... READ MORE

Water Damage – Prattville Game Room

Water damage to this Prattville home’s game room when a water line inside the wall burst. The homeowner discovered the water damage when the walls were sh... READ MORE

Wetumpka Water Damaged Basement

Bad timing of a broken water line in this Wetumpka basement occurred during a remodeling of this large area. The scattered debris, pooling water on the concrete... READ MORE

Water Damage – Prattville House

Water damage resulted when a pipe burst between walls at this Prattville house. The before photo shows the section of wallboard we had to remove to facilitate r... READ MORE

Water Damaged Basketball Court in Prattville

Water Damage to this Prattville basketball gym was pretty ugly. A sewer pipe in an adjacent restroom had cracked open and dumped this dirty water into the gymna... READ MORE

Flood Damage – Lake Martin Home’s Bedroom

Flood damage to this Lake Martin home resulted when persistent storm activity that contained high winds tore a portion of roofing from this home allowing mass q... READ MORE