Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Prattville and a Strong Storm Result

The high winds and rain broke through a weakness in the roof of a Prattville home. The rainwater soaked the insulation and sheetrock ceiling and collapsed into ... READ MORE

Prattville Flooding of a Basement

During the construction of a new home rushing in stormwaters can create storm damage to the exposed framing. The moisture buildup can also adversely affect the ... READ MORE

Stormwater Dumps Debris in Prattville

The visible mud and debris caused by the floodwaters that entered this Prattville basement need professional restoration. Why? Simply cleaning up the mess is no... READ MORE

Wetumpka Storm Flooded Office Suite

The groundwater from the storm covered the carpeting in this Wetumpka structure. The first order of business was rapid water removal to mitigate damage to the b... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Prattville Commercial Building

Storm damage at this Prattville commercial facility was caused by thunderstorms which packed powerful winds and heavy rain. A part of the roof of the building w... READ MORE

Wetumpka Storm Damage to a Home

The rainwater did not drain properly away from the foundation of this Wetumpka property. The resulting water gained entry, ironically through the side door, and... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Prattville Salon

Flood damage to this salon in Prattville temporarily put the shopkeeper out of business. The owner made two quick calls. The first to his insurance company and ... READ MORE